PETRA Group's Vision

Become the global beacon for social capitalism, where enterprise is responsible and provides real and sustainable solutions for humanity

About PETRA Group
PETRA Group strives to build global businesses that provide sustainable solutions to address challenges and real-world problems facing humanity. 

Our businesses are involved in a diverse range of sectors including sustainable technologies, infrastructure, agriculture, lifestyle, media and news, research and advocacy.   
The underlying philosophy we apply to all our businesses is the emphasis on sustainable wealth creation for all our stakeholders, whether directly or indirectly.    
Our mission is to elevate and impact the lives of the people and communities that we connect to through our businesses while remaining profitable.    
The businesses within the group thrive on technology and innovation to operate within a solution-centric framework, constantly looking for better ways to improve lives.    
We have a global presence with operations in more than 9 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. 

Our Chairman and Chief Executive

Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar is the Chairman and Chief Executive of the PETRA Group, Chairman of Vinod Sekhar Trust and Founder of the Vinod Sekhar Foundation. He has led an illustrious life as an industrialist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

Datuk Dr Vinod is the youngest child of Tan Sri B.C Sekhar and Puan Sri Sukumari Nair. His late father was the former Rubber Research Institute chairman, affectionately known as Mr Natural Rubber, who revolutionised the nation’s rubber and palm oil industries. Datuk Vinod who has been deeply inspired by his father’s ideals and values, regards him as his biggest influence in his life. 


Datuk Vinod embarked on his first business at the age of 21 where he started the Vincent Siefer Clothing Co while he was still a student in the United States studying molecular biology. 

In 1990, Datuk Vinod formed and became the CEO of the STI Group – businesses include the world’s smallest optic engine, the first circular abrasive discs, Southeast Asia’s first commercial Internet company, first virtual reality companies in the US, among others. 

After the Asian Financial crisis, in 1997, his company STI merged with other international interests and PETRA Group was formed, named after Datuk Vinod’s eldest daughter.

Through his vision and leadership, PETRA Group has today expanded its global footprint in the area of sustainable technologies, infrastructure, agriculture, lifestyle, media and news, research and advocacy. 

As a strong advocate for social capitalism, Datuk Vinod believes that business interests and societal concerns should go hand in hand, which acts as the basis of the PETRA Group. He believes that enterprises should be run as profitable ventures while doing the right thing for stakeholders and the environment, ensuring sustainable wealth creation. 

For his contribution to society and the nation the 10th King of Malaysia, Tuanku Ja'afar ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman conferred on him a “Datukship” on the occasion of His Majesty’s’ 71st birthday. Datuk Vinod was 26 years old and one the youngest in the nation’s history to be so honoured.

Datuk Vinod has received numerous recognitions, including: 

- 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders by The Inner Review Magazine in 2022
- Person of the Year by Asia One Magazine in 2021
- Global Leadership Lifetime Achievement in Social Capitalism in 2018
- The Vinod Sekhar Incubation Centre (VSIC) at Nottingham University, Malaysia in 2016
- Global Visionary Leader of the Year by the American Leadership Development Association and Leaders International in 2015
- Community Leadership Award by Global Organization for People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) in 2010
- Green Leadership and Social Capitalism at the 5th Middle East Business Leadership Award in 2014
- Leadership Excellence in Green Technology and Innovation to Green Rubber c/o Petra Group in 2014
- Top 3 of the 40 “New Asian Leaders” by World Economic Forum
- Global Indian Origin Magazine’s 50 Most Influential Business Leaders of Indian Origin
- Outstanding Global Entrepreneur by the SME Association
- The Societe Award from the Asia Pacific Brand Foundation
- The Chambers of the GCC’s (Gulf Cooperative Council) leadership award for Technology and Social Capitalism - Pravasi Divas award by the NRI Institute in India
- Malaysian Corporate Leader of the Year by Grant Thornton in 2008
- The first Asian to receive the prestigious Global Green Award from Global Green USA for Green Rubber in 2008
- Honorary Doctorate for Business Innovation, Lim Kok Wing University, 2007
- One of the top 40 “New Asian Leaders” by World Economic Forum in 2003
- Awarded the Key to the city of Armenia by the Mayor, Columbia, 1999 - Decorated with the medal of “Plan Padrino” by the First Lady of Columbia in his contribution towards the education of underprivileged students, 1999
- Made the first and youngest Asian fellow of Kappa Delta Pi, a US-based international Honors Society for Education in 1991
- “The Point of Excellence” award by Kappa Delta Pi, 1991
- Named by Forbes as the 16th richest man in Malaysia for two consecutive years, in 2007 and 2008.
- The Harvard Business Review published a case study on Vinod, PETRA and Green Rubber in 2009 – a rare privilege accorded to a Malaysian.

Under Datuk Vinod’s stewardship, PETRA Group was conferred the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2022 under the Social Empowerment category by leading NGO Enterprise Asia. PETRA Group was also recognised by Singapore Business Review at the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards in 2022 for its innovation and transformative technologies to build sustainable businesses that apply the concept of social capitalism.

He was also conferred the Darjah Cemerlang Seri Melaka, which carries the title ‘Datuk Wira’ when he was 52. Despite receiving many honours and awards, being conferred the Datuk Wira title was very special to Datuk Vinod as Melaka was the birthplace of his mother. 

Datuk Vinod is also the Honorary Consul General of St. Vincent & the Grenadines to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. 

He is very passionate about the arts and entertainment industry and has produced several award-winning plays and films. Datuk Vinod plays golf, tennis and squash and speaks 5 languages. He has a black belt in judo and is a huge fan of Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, rugby and cricket. He has over 320 Disney ties. Datuk Vinod Sekhar is married to Datin Dr Winy Sekhar and they have two daughters, Petra and Tara.