PETRA Group's Vision

Become the global beacon for social capitalism, where enterprise is responsible and provides real and sustainable solutions for humanity.

About PETRA Group
We are a diverse conglomerate, involved in industries that include sustainable technologies, infrastructure and development, media and entertainment, lifestyle, news portals, food and beverage, consulting services, and research.

The underlying philosophy we apply to all our businesses is the emphasis on wealth creation for all our stakeholders, whether directly or indirectly.

Our employees, our partners, our associates, our suppliers and our customers benefit from a business approach that creates wealth, which is fair and inclusive. We also consider our external stakeholders – the neighbourhoods and communities in which we operate, the nations in which we have a presence and the impact our activities have on environments. While we strive to be profitable, we also ensure that our business activities are in tandem with societal development and environmental sustainability.

Petra Group's Mission

Build wealth for all by alleviating communities out of poverty

Impact the lives of the people and communities that we connect to through our work and our businesses

Encourage others to apply the principles of social capitalism in their business dealings

A Message From The Chairman & Chief Executive
My late father, Tan Sri B.C. Sekhar would always say, “Good guys always win in the end. It may sometimes take longer and the journey may be more painful, but in the end good will always prevail.”

I’ve kept my father’s words close to my heart and have always tried to remain true to his words. In everything that I have done as an entrepreneur, I have always ensured that at the heart of my intentions, there is the element of doing good. And doing good went beyond just having a good outcome for my family, my partners and myself. Doing good entails acting in a manner that is fair and just, and ensuring that the welfare of all our stakeholders are considered. It means that my businesses must go beyond making money and being profitable, they must have a truly positive impact on the world we live in.

The companies under the PETRA Group must all in one way or another contribute towards wealth creation and bettering lives. Our companies must create products or deliver services that cater to the needs of the world. Whether it is addressing major environmental threats or providing affordable housing, whether it is delivering quality entertainment or serving wholesome healthy meals, we must do it in a manner that serves to enrich communities by creating wealth. And this wealth creation may be in the form of creating jobs and providing entrepreneurial opportunities or empowering various segments of the community through education, healthcare and economic empowerment.


I put just as much emphasis on the way we do business as I do on the outcomes of our entrepreneurial endeavours. And I ensure that everyone in the PETRA team from my senior executives to our support staff understand and believe in the idea of doing it right by doing something good. “Solutions for Humanity”, is more than merely our tagline, it is a part of our corporate philosophy. We strive to not only create businesses that seek to solve the many problems of the world, our very effort of doing it must contribute to this end result. 

I have been called a “Social Capitalist” by the late Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, and I humbly accept the moniker as I truly believe that social capitalism or “good capitalism” as I prefer to call it is the only true form of capitalism. The business community is essentially capitalist by nature, driven by the goals of profit. In all brutal honesty, it is money that makes today’s world go round in the way that it does. Over the last two centuries the industrial revolutions have created global corporations that transcend national boundaries and affect the lives of billions on the planet. Globalisation, however, is somewhat of a paradox – while it makes the world a smaller place and brings humanity closer, it also creates more divides by fuelling inequality.

I believe that when greed is tempered and more leaders in the global business community can see the long-term value of societal wealth creation, then sustainable solutions can be derived for a multitude of issues faced by humanity. From alleviating poverty to sustaining the environment, from democratising education and healthcare to creating peace in troubled lands, the tenets of social capitalism have the power to change the world for the better.