Our Businesses

Our businesses apply the concept of Social Capitalism, where they are run as profitable commercial ventures whilst seeking to do the right thing for our employees, our customers, society and the environments in which we operate, ensuring sustainable wealth creation.

PETRA Group is dedicated towards developing green sustainable technologies to ensure the world is a better place for all. This division is involved in industries that focus on providing essential human requirements and raw materials that are environmentally sustainable yet fulfill a demand that is ever growing through human consumption.

One of the PETRA Group’s flagship entities is Green Rubber, a company that has successfully developed and globally patented the DeLink technology. A revolutionary technology that breaks down the molecular structure of used rubber tyres and, for the first time ever, allows tyres to become a renewable resource or raw material. With over a billion rubber tyres being discarded each year, Green Rubber is the only company capable of erasing one of the world’s biggest environmental threats.

Through its PETRA Modular subsidiary, the group builds modular homes that are affordable, versatile and are of the highest quality. Using proprietary technologies that are environmentally sound the company has concluded projects internationally in Asia, Australia and Europe.

Sustainability is one of the main thrusts of the PETRA Group as we continue to expand our businesses we are constantly on the look out for new ventures that fall within the ambit of green sustainable technologies.

PETRA Media is involved in creation of entertainment content through films and TV shows, including the distribution of entertainment content through multiple channels including cinemas and online platforms. PETRA Media consists of PETRA Entertainment, PETRA Films and PETRA Studios.

The production companies within the Group are responsible for creating quality content that are of the highest standards in terms of entertainment value, production quality and overall marketability. Content that is targeted at local and international audiences is created in various appropriate languages and distributed in different regions. Its entertainment distribution company also sources quality content from world-class content creators for international distribution.

The PETRA Lifestyle is the group’s consumer products and services division that has ventured into the creation and development of a number of consumer brands in Food & Beverage, night entertainment as well as the FMCG segments.

V’s, a high-end cigar lounge and bar where there are live jazz and R&B performances.

A number of night entertainment outlets in Kuala Lumpur city are managed under our PETRA Festa subsidiary. These include nightclubs; Envi, Elysium and Roofina. Plans are underway to build more night entertainment outlets in and around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Other than developing technologies and providing quality lifestyle products and services, the group also believes in identifying and leveraging of the best human talent, knowledge and professional experience to create profitable consulting firms.

The PETRA Group has in its stable of companies the branding and marketing communications agency, Ablemen Communications. The agency provides the whole array of marketing communications services that include corporate communications, branding & brand building, advertising in traditional media as well as digital platforms, strategy development, creative development and activation.

Building infrastructure and creating environments that are safe, healthy and sustainable for the future of mankind is the priority of this division of the PETRA Group. Utilizing the latest in technology and applying it in ways that ensure productivity and profitability, while providing real solutions for urban and rural communities around the world.

PETRA Transit Systems Sdn. Bhd. undertakes monorail projects that are environmentally sustainable solutions that meet the urban transportation needs of cities around the world. We have developed state-of-the-art technologies for building the systems to ensure smooth implementation and efficient delivery of service.

PETRA Diversified System & Technologies Sdn. Bhd. provides solutions for a number of public services that include healthcare services, law enforcement and emergency rescue services. We provide holistic systems that enhance the capabilities of these essential public services, ensuring a healthier and safer a public environment.

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PETRA News is a leading news provider that aims to inspire the creation and distribution of authentic and current information that plays its role in nation building through the promotion of critical thinking and healthy debates. Its brands consist of the English news portal, The Vibes, and the Malay language news and entertainment portal, Getaran.

The brands under PETRA News are focused on restoring trust and rebuilding society by reinstating freedom of expression, access to information and empowerment of people from every side of the political, socio-economic, and cultural divide.

Sekhar Institute is a research and advocacy organisation under the PETRA Group, formed to explain, publicise and promote the concept of social or good capitalism as a tool to lift people out of poverty.

It also promotes intelligent and considered debate on social, public and economic issues to build awareness and enable appropriate policy formulation and implementation. Under social capitalism, enterprises are run as profitable ventures while simultaneously helping to lift customers, stakeholders and society out of poverty. One activity under the Sekhar Institute is the Good Capitalism Forum (GCF) where global speakers and participants will share a common platform to discuss key concepts and programmes for the advancement of good capitalism. As part of the programme to build consensus and awareness over important issues and galvanise action, Sekhar Institute organises seminars/webinars, will publish appropriate papers and books and produce a quarterly journal.

The Good Capitalism Forum (GCF) is part of the Sekhar Institute. GCF aims to promote good capitalism, rather than the more traditional capitalist model in which profits are retained by a small majority of entrepreneurs.

GCF initiatives will be delivered across a range of programmes and its flagship product will be an annual, three-day by-invitation-only forum, which will host leading politicians, thought leaders, industrialists and celebrities. GCF aims to become a recognised and trusted brand that attracts the most influential people across the world to engage with, and to further promote the benefits of Good Capitalism.