Our Businesses

Our businesses are involved in sustainable technologies, infrastructure, agriculture, lifestyle, media and news, research and advocacy. The group applies the concept of social capitalism to all of our businesses – being profitable whilst ensuring sustainable wealth creation for the betterment of our stakeholders and the environments in which we operate. 


Through our businesses that focus on green sustainable technologies, we aim to ensure the world is a better place for all.
PETRA Eco-Build, our modular technology business is changing the way that homes are built by manufacturing energy saving homes that are built to last and more friendly to the environment compared to the conventional methods of construction. Similarly, Green Rubber uses waste tire recycling propriety technology to address one of the most urgent threats to the planet which are waste tires that have been filling dump sites around the world by the billions annually. Sustainability is one of the main thrusts of the PETRA Group, and as we continue to expand our businesses, we are constantly on the lookout for new ventures that fall within the ambit of sustainable technologies

Building infrastructure and creating environments that are safe, healthy and sustainable for the future of mankind is the priority for the PETRA Group. Utilising the latest in technology and applying it in ways that ensure productivity and profitability, while providing real solutions for urban and rural communities around the world.
Companies under this division are PETRA Transit Systems, and PETRA Distech. From undertaking rail projects which encompasses environmentally sustainable solutions that meet the urban transportation needs of cities around the world, to developing state-of-the-art technologies for defence, security, and civil applications, this division strives to revolutionize engineering and systems for the betterment of communities around the globe.

Our agriculture business aims to explore alternative crops, such as vanilla, that are lucrative and high yield, to also benefit farmers by providing a new and sustainable revenue stream. This is important to help eradicate poverty and uplift the farming communities.
At present, the agriculture business is focused on the cultivation and plantation of vanilla, through PETRA Expovan, a collaboration between PETRA Group and Expovan of India.  

PETRA Lifestyle aims to provide a full dining, entertainment, hospitality and consumer experience. PETRA Lifestyle currently has presence in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore with plans to expand its footprint globally to other regions as well.
Under the Food & Beverage and Entertainment division, we have PETRA Cucina, which runs high-end Italian eateries (Zenzero, Luce, Roberto’s), PETRA Festa, which runs restaurants and bars (Envi Sky Dining, Roofino’s, Modesto’s), and PETRA Mezzanotte, which runs V’s Bar.

PETRA Mobilia designs and produces high- quality living room furniture such as recliners, sofas, and sofa convertibles under the Sofa Bed Company. It also owns the Rize brand that specialises in medically designed therapeutic lift chairs intended to improve the quality of life of those with mobility issues.

PETRA Digital offers fintech solutions such as the development of a lifestyle travel app slated to be Malaysia’s first Online Travel Partner that will empower the tourism industry. PETRA Lifestyle aims to provide a full dining, entertainment, hospitality and consumer experience. PETRA Lifestyle currently has presence in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore with plans to expand its footprint globally to other regions as well.

P Digital
Our media and news division consists of PETRA Media and PETRA News.
PETRA Media ideates, creates and produces quality Film, TV and Digital content to meet the highest standards of entertainment, production and marketability values locally, and internationally. PETRA Media consists of PETRA Films and PETRA Vision Works.

Through PETRA News, a leading news provider in Malaysia, we aim to provide a ‘Voice for The People’ through the distribution of information without bias or prejudice, and that plays its role in nation building through the promotion of critical thinking and healthy debates.

P Media
We believe strongly in the concept of social capitalism where businesses are run as profitable ventures whilst ensuring sustainable wealth creation for the betterment of all, including our employees, customers, society and the environments in which we operate.
Under this division, the Sekhar Institute and the Good Capitalism Forum are formed to explain, publicise and promote this concept of social capitalism as a tool to lift people out of poverty. COMPANIES UNDER THIS DIVISION
The Vinod Sekhar Foundation was founded by Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar, Chairman and Chief Executive of the PETRA Group.

Through the Foundation, Datuk Vinod and his wife Datin Dr Winy Sekhar, the Chairperson of the Foundation, aim to make a positive impact by applying the concept of social capitalism, which means business profits are used to uplift stakeholders, communities as well as the environment, ensuring sustainable wealth creation.

The Foundation implements initiatives to empower and uplift communities, support for education, as well as undertake sustainability efforts to make the world a better place for all.

Besides being the philanthropic arm of the PETRA Group, the Foundation is also its strategic partner, meant to amplify the efforts of the Group in building a sustainable business. With its deep understanding of societal issues, the Foundation can address these issues with sustainable solutions. It can also assist in spotting opportunities for the business, to help drive social impact with business relevance.