Roles and Responsibilities
  • Monitor and report of the company’s compliance to sustainability KPIs, be it compliance to existing regulations or newly established KPIs that contribute meaningfully to the company’s sustainability agenda.
  • Enforce systems and processes that ultimately increase the efficiency in which the company’s operations use of resources, and monitor and report accordingly.
  • Find innovative ideas and new solutions and implement into the company’s operations, systems and processes that allow us to reduce our carbon footprint, use less resources and/or increase the availability of resources meaningfully.
  • Troubleshoot when company operations are not able to achieve sustainability KPIs as intended.
  • Communicate your plans, formulate budgets and marketing your strategies to vendors, customers and colleagues.
Reporting line

Group Chief Sustainability Officer

Key skills

When you first start out in a sustainability executive role, you’ll typically be expected to assess any inefficiencies in the organisation. You will need to identify the issues quickly and find the most economical ways to fix them. This takes an analytical mind - someone who can pinpoint problems and research smart and effective ways to deal with them.

You are also expected to be creative in the way you think, as the ideas you have for creating a greener organisation need to be innovative. If you can be both analytical and creative with your ideas - critically tailoring your cutting edge ideas to suit the organisation you’re working for - then this could be the career for you.


While this career path is open to anyone with the right experience, skills and passion for sustainability - a bachelor’s degree in business, environmental sciences, environmental management, engineering or sustainability, are highly appreciated.

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