Green Rubber’s patented DeLink technology has the potential to address one of the world’s most critical yet least known environmental hazards, by using a process that is clean, uses little energy, is economically viable and sustainable.

Discarded tyres are now the world’s most critical environmental threat. When rubber tyres are left in landfills they breed disease carrying insects, pollute the surrounding land and are a dangerous fire hazard that can take years to extinguish. With global population growth being in tandem with the increasing need for land transportation, the demand for rubber tyres is only going to increase, and with it the threat only gets bigger.

Green Rubber’s patented DeLink technology allows for the commercial scale reversal of rubber’s vulcanization process (vulcanization is the process by which natural rubber latex is processed for use in products). Through the process of de-vulcanization, Green Rubber can convert waste rubber back into useable recycled rubber compound, both cost effectively and without any negative environmental impact. It can be used with both natural and synthetic rubber waste and the resulting recycled rubber compound can be either used on its own or blended with virgin rubber compound in order to produce a wide variety of standard rubber products. DeLink has been acknowledged as a commercially viable process – endorsed by the Tun Abdul Razak Research Center (TARRC) of Hertford, UK, a leading rubber research center.

DeLink technology is revolutionary not just because it can de-vulcanize rubber, but also because it can create this reprocessed rubber compound at a significantly lower cost than even standard rubber compound produced using traditional methods from raw or synthetic rubber. DeLink also produces rubber compound without environmental hazards. The recycling process uses very little energy, has no-emissions and has no wastage in terms of rubber that is recycled. The Company has even trademarked the brand ‘Green Rubber’ to market its recycled rubber compound, making Green Rubber not simply a commodity producer competing on price but rather a marketable materials brand that can appeal to the environmentally progressive.

Green Rubber’s DeLink technology presents a significant opportunity to reshape the global rubber industry because waste rubber management, especially tyre scrap, is a significant challenge and cost for the companies and municipal authorities left with it. Until Green Rubber’s DeLink technology, there has been no commercialized, cost-effective process to reverse the vulcanization of rubber.

Green Rubber is dramatically changing the economics of waste rubber, transforming what has been traditionally a waste material and cost for companies into a revenue-generating product. Green Rubber, as a raw material needed in the manufacturing of a variety of rubber products is significantly cheaper than virgin rubber making it a much sought after material by manufacturers of rubber products.

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