Kavita Sidhu is the Director of Marketing and Business Development for the restaurants under PETRA Cucina. In this capacity, she promotes the restaurants to an existing customer base, ensuring repeat patronage, as well as to new targeted markets.

Kavita is an established Malaysian actress, fashion icon and celebrity having been in the fashion, television and film entertainment industry for over 30 years. Utilizing her fame and dynamic networking abilities, she has forged strong relationships with fellow actors and actresses, other celebrities and members of the media. Her fan base and huge social media following allows her to easily promote the latest offerings of the various restaurants in the group.

From its opening in 2013, Kavita has played a key role in building the Zenzero brand into one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur today. Through running successful marketing communications campaigns, she has ensured that the Zenzero brand gained prominence in the city’s culinary landscape. She was also instrumental in the success of Luce Osteria, the group’s second outlet that was launched in 2016. Luce has been recognized regionally as one of the top 10 Best Pizzerias in Asia.

As the group ventures into other F&B brands, among them being Roberto’s and Big V’s, Kavita continues to play an integral role in the development of these brands.

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