Michael Lean is responsible at large in managing the creation of campaigns to raise brand awareness within PETRA Music. Responsible for driving business growth through creative and strategic implementations, Michael mobilises content productions and distributions through digitized platforms on social media.

Michael has an exstensive portfolio with 10 years of events and talent management experience across the arts, music, media, entertainment and service industry. As an individual that wears many hats, he is no stranger to the Malaysian entertainment industry. He is an actor, singer – songwriter, recording artist and events producer. His vast experience within the entertainment sector has enable him to be versatile carrying multiple portfolios as an added value advantage. Through his involvement as a talent or consultant himself, he has established his network amongst various agencies, namely celebrities, artists, and even corporate figures. With his experience on and off stage or screen, his career portfolio also comprises of him being an artist manager, events production manager, as well as a branding and marketing consultant.

Michael studied Social Science - Counselling-Psychology and has worked as a life coach for the underprivileged youths as well as a social worker. As a passionate, creative and analytical person, he spent his life using his personal and career experiences to establish creative arts developmental programmes to help troubled kids cope or grow through the implementation of arts, music and sports.